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Eat Teeth Sleep is Born!

October 17, 2014 2 min read

Becoming a parent is an exciting and nerve racking time! So much focus is placed on the birth then when the baby actually arrives 'the instruction manual' is not included! HELP!!!!

Each day is a new and exciting adventure…but let’s be honest, it can be a struggle and sometimes we need that one thing that will make parenting that little bit easier!

Between lack of sleep and juggling being a new parent the last thing I wanted to do is spend time searching endlessly on the internet trying to find a product that would actually HELP!! Whether it's your first child or your third, the first few months of caring for a baby can be challenging and filled with uncertainty. Sometimes I think will that feeling ever go away?

Just as you think I've got this parenting gig down pat, a new obstacle presents itself! They're ready for solids! They're teething! When will they sleep through the night? Of course if I had all the answers, I'd be writing that all important instruction manual! But no matter if it is your first or third child, what worked before may not necessarily work again!

I am not writing this blog to promote products just for the sake of promoting a product. These are products that actually work! Each product has been tested by actual parents....many of whom wish 'why didn't I find this product with my first child!'. Products that have a purpose (out of the trillions that are on the market!!!).

As parents we need to stick together! Parenting is not an easy job, we all face different challenges....when will my baby sleep through the night? My child wants to feed themselves! My child is can I help relieve some of the discomfort? As I said before, we don't have all the answers (remember if you have that instruction manual....send it my way!!!) but we aim to make parenting that bit easier by providing products that actually work!

~ Amy ~

Matthew Trott
Matthew Trott

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