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9 Top Tips for Sleep

We ran a Cocoonababy Nest competition last week and asked entants for the best sleep tips.

We had 161 entries and we found the results very interesting. We know every baby is different, but there were a lot of commonalities that came up with the answers. 

Here were the top 5 most popular replies:

  1. Consistent sleep routine – dinner, bath, bottle/breast, story, music/lullaby, bedtime
  2. Create a dark sleep environment – block out curtains
  3. White noise/shusher/heartbeat
  4. Swaddles – Love to Dream
  5. Bath followed by a gentle massage

Other great tips we thought would be useful to mention were:

  • Don’t compare your baby’s sleep to someone else’s baby.
  • Mum and baby relaxed – baby can sense your energy.
  • Trust your instincts and do what feels right for you and your baby.
  • Remember it won’t last forever, enjoy the cuddles, they’re only small for such a short time.

The first and most popular tip will cost you nothing and we can vouch that a consistent sleep routine is the essential base to start. If you don't have consistency in place it doesn't matter how many other tips and gadgets you are using, they will struggle to make an impact.

3 of the top 5 tips aligned with our sleep range that we offer, which was good to re-affirm that we are on the right track in finding the best products to help you get some more sleep. But as we mentioned if you don't have the consistent routine as a base, then these may not be as effective.

We know ourselves how difficult the first few months are, but it will get easier. There are so many different variables that can help you improve your baby's sleep and sometimes it is one small change that can make a huge difference.

Try to stay relaxed and enjoy the time you get to bond with your baby. They are only little once and when they start talking back to you, you'll cherish that time when they were so small and cute 😂

Always remember, you are doing a great job!

Amy xx

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