Feel like those sleepless nights will never end?

We we’re once sleep deprived parents too.

It’s such a struggle in the early weeks when your new baby arrives.

They’re waking every few hours for a feed or they have a pain that is keeping them awake.

You feel so helpless and mixed with lack of sleep you find yourself very emotionally and physically drained.

You then get to a point where you start to research how to get you’re baby to sleep more or longer or how to settle better.

The problem is you find 20 things and you’re so overwhelmed. Where do you start?

You might try one or two and they don’t work, then you get more frustrated and because you are so tired it just makes you more emotional.

We went through this for the first few months and then we were lucky enough to come across Ewan.

We’d just started this business and we were researching madly to find the best baby products on the market.

The reviews were mostly positive so we thought we’d try it for ourselves.

We were sceptical to start with as we tried a few techniques that hadn’t worked and you start to doubt yourself whether anything will work.

When we first introduced it to our son Aston it was like he was hypnotised by the sounds and the glow and he was transported back into the comfort of the womb.

It helped him settle much quicker back to sleep so we could start to get the rest we needed to recharge.

When you look at the logic behind Ewan it is so simple.

Ewan plays real recordings of womb and heartbeat sounds that your baby has been used to hearing in the womb.

It also has a calming pink glow, when combined with the womb and heartbeat sounds, helps babies and toddlers drift into a peaceful sleep.

Unfortunately every baby is different and we can’t guarantee that success for every baby, but from 45 customer reviews there are almost 90% 4 or 5 stars review proving that he does get great results for most babies.

He does chew through batteries in the early months and expect to change them every 2-3 weeks but who cares when your baby is drifting off to sleep so peacefully right!

Amy xxx

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