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Suffering from Mastitis? What you can do about it.

September 25, 2021 3 min read


Mastitis…just reading that word makes me shiver! Thinking back to those first days when your milk finally comes in and you think you have a handle on breastfeeding, then bam it hits! 

There is nothing nice to say about mastitis…it sucks! As beautiful as breastfeeding can be and the bond you make with your baby, the discomfort….discomfort seems to be a nice delicate way to put it, let me change that to pain, the pain you feel can break you down into a teary mess (if you are not already one with lack of sleep) with flu-like symptoms and a burning hot sensation thrown into the mix.

Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast and when it hits, it can hit suddenly and hard! One minute you feel fine and then the next minute you are aching all over with chills and a fever and feel completely shattered.

Sorry any mums-to-be reading this, but don’t be scared, I am writing this post to spread the word about an amazing product that I honestly would not live without and give it to ever mum-to-be as a baby shower present. All the ‘awwwws’ and ‘ooohhhs’ at baby showers are lovely and beautiful, but when you experience the overwhelming pain that is associated with mastitis, you wish you had known about this amazing product. I’m talking about the ‘Mumasil – warm and cool breast therapy packs’. They are heat/cold packs that treat breast discomfort associated not only mastitis but engorgement, milk flow, blocked milk ducts, weaning and general tenderness and swelling related to breastfeeding.

I tried everything from cabbage leaves (stinky) to newborn nappies put in the freezer, but they never fit comfortably inside my (very fashionable – ha!) maternity bra and did not do enough to relieve the discomfort. The Mumasil packs are soft and pliable, contouring to fit most breast sizes. They are perfect to use before feeding, apply heat to stimulate circulation and used as a cold compress between feeds to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Once you have had mastitis, it is always in the back of your mind, am I going to get it again? Is that a red spot? Oh no I feel fluey…I must be getting mastitis! The Mumasil packs give you peace of mind that if you feel any symptoms you can take prompt action and talking from experience, the best way to tackling mastitis is by taking prompt action.

Breastfeeding is a huge learning curve not only for you but also for your baby and it is not always smooth sailing! But it does get easier…it may not feel like it sometimes but it does and it is a beautiful thing. My little one was the greatest feeder to begin with and I had an oversupply of milk adding to the difficulty of breastfeeding (plus three bouts of mastitis early on). On a check up with my doctor, he just assumed that I had switched to bottle feeding.

If you think you might have mastitis it is important to seek help and seek it fast. Whilst Doctor Google can be very informative, go straight to the experts, your doctor, a lactation consultant or Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) counsellor.

Mumasil - warm and cool breast packs are available now from Eat Teeth Sleep for $29.95

Amy Trott
Amy Trott

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