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Bottle rejection and transitioning between breast and bottle feeding

Bottle rejection is a common occurrence in Breast fed babies, and it can be very stressful for parents to transition to a bottle when the time comes to return to work. 

When our son was 9 months old I had to return to work part-time. I was exclusively breastfeeding and had plenty of milk so I never had the need to use a bottle.

So a week before I was due to go back to work we decided to do a test run and Matt was to give our son a bottle for his daytime feed. We had received some hand-me-down bottles from my sister which were just plain Avent bottles which we thought would be fine for the job, but I got a call from Matt around feed time and he said our son wouldn't have a bar of the bottle!

It never even entered our minds that he would flat out reject the bottle! Luckily, my work was very flexible and close to home, so I was able to duck home to breastfeed my son during my lunch break. But I know many of my friends with kids didn't have that flexibility with their work.

It wasn't until a few months later I came across a post on Instagram by Zoe Foster-Blake, saying that she too had problems getting her son to take a bottle, but came across the Comotomo bottles that worked straight away for her.

It was then I realised that bottle rejection was such a common issue for many parents who were trying to transition to a bottle.

When we started Eat Teeth Sleep a few months later the Comotomo bottles were one of the first products we stocked. We wanted to make sure as many parents knew about these bottles so they didn't have to go through the same issue of bottle rejection like us.

We've had so much positive feedback from relieved parents, who have found the Comotomo bottle worked for their baby. We even had one person who tried 15 different bottles without success before she came across the Comotomo bottles!

Some of our customers had even had to put off returning to work due to their baby not taking a bottle, which can put real financial stress and pressure on a family.

So why are the Comotomo bottles so special?

They have a wide teat design (65mm across the teat) which mimics the shape of the breast as closely as possible, and the base is made from soft silicone. This allows you to squeeze the base to get some milk flowing like a let-down at the start of a feed.

They have an amazing success rate with fussy bottle feeders, with a study done found 85% of babies who rejected another brand of bottle took the Comotomo bottle.

The one tip we recommend with any new parents is even if you do decide to breastfeed, make sure you introduce a bottle from the beginning. It only has to be once every week or so with a few mls of expressed breast milk but it can save you lots of stress if you do have to go back to work early for any reason.

Some parents are concerned that introducing a bottle early on may contribute to nipple confusion, impacting on their breastfeeding resulting in their little one preferring the bottle and refusing the take the breast. The Comotomo bottle is designed to mimic the breast to allow for smooth transition to the bottle without any nipple confusion. 

We made sure with our second child that she had a bottle every now and then, just to be sure she was comfortable with it. This allowed for a smooth transition later on and we never had an issue with her taking the Comotomo bottles. (See her picture below at 5 days old feeding from the Comotomo bottle.)

And they aren't just great for breastfed babies transitioning, they are great for any baby, regardless of whether you decide to breast or bottle feed. They are made of the highest quality materials and also have one of the best rated anti-colic systems of any bottle on the market. 

And best of all they are so easy to clean as you can fit your whole hand (or most of it) inside the bottle!

Don't just take my word for it, head over to our website and read the reviews and find out what other parents think about the Comotomo bottles. 

To view the full range of Comotomo bottles follow this link: Comotomo Baby Bottles | Buy Online Australia - Eat Teeth Sleep

Amy xx 

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