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    Num Num Dips...the training wheels of the utensil world!

    Meal time with a baby or toddler at times can resemble a crime scene! Spoons and forks are thrown in frustration, bowls are flipped and worn as hats and food is found everywhere but in your child’s mouth!

    Children will refuse to wear a hat in the sun but as soon as they see a bowl full of food it goes on their head and stays on there! Most of this is caused by frustration.

    They want to feed themselves but don’t have the required fine motor skills yet to bend their wrist and keep the food on the spoon or fork while getting it in their mouth.

    As a parent this can be frustrating to watch. When setting up Eat Teeth Sleep we wanted to source products that parents would actually need and want. Products that help make parenting easier and help to solve some of those parenting frustrations.

    We want to be able to help our children but we need to let them explore and develop… much to our own frustration and sometimes at the expense of our sanity!

    After an evening of yoghurt ending up in my little one’s hair, my hair, on the walls and in the carpet, I set out in search of a product that could possibly help solve my little one’s feeding dilemma! He was determined to feed himself but frustrated when it wouldn’t work for him.

    I stumbled across a product that I believe is probably one of the best products you can buy for your child. Num Num Dips are designed for self-feeding. They are two dippers designed to take the frustration out of self-feeding for babies and toddlers.

    Unlike a spoon there is no right or wrong way to hold them. There is less mess because what sticks to the Num Nums, stays on the Num Nums. They are the training wheels of the utensil world!

    We couldn’t believe it the first time we presented our little one with them to eat his yoghurt. Fifteen minutes later, of quiet no fuss eating, he had finished the whole bowl by himself!

    I don’t know whether we were more excited about him eating a whole bowl of yoghurt by himself or that we had discovered something that would get us 15 minutes of quiet time at the dinner table. The only negative with the Num Nums is once you give them the dippers don’t expect them back without a fight! That night we had to wait until he fell asleep to prize them out of his hands.

    Not only are they great for learning to feed they are also a great for teething. One dip has a dimpled head and the other has a channeled head to make the food stick better, but that also means they are great for soothing sore gums.

    They are the perfect size, built for little hands, making it easy for them to get food from the bowl to mouth. The Num Nums are dishwasher safe which for me is essential, and they are BPA free and free from all the other nasties.

    I would probably say this would be the best value product on our whole website. For the money you pay for them and the results you get you will be amazed.

    ~ Amy ~


    Shush I'm trying to sleep....Introducing the Baby Shusher!

    I came across this image the other day, which I could relate to whole heartedly (as I’m sure many parents could!) It made me laugh and think, in that moment when you are exhausted and your baby is finally asleep you feel like you could literally crush anyone who dare wakes them!

    We all strive to do our best as parents, but we’re not superhuman, we just want more sleep!!! When the baby isn’t sleeping, well no one in this house gets any sleep! I swear they know when our heads hit the pillow, that tense moment when you think ‘if I stay still maybe they’ll go back to sleep!’ Whoever coined the phrase ‘sleep like a baby’ obviously was not a parent!! Every parent knows that babies don’t sleep very soundly!

    There is always one mother at mother’s group that says “my baby sleeps through the night!”, “has from the beginning” (cue the fake responses and jealousy!). Thoughts run through your head…”why isn’t my baby sleeping?”, “should I change to formula in a hope they’ll sleep longer”…so many thoughts. Slowly, but surely sleep deprivation makes you feel like everything is falling apart! This is where this product is so amazing.

    I love it when I come across a product that has actually been designed by real parents! The Baby Shusher is a revolutionary new tool for parents desperate to find sleep for themselves and their baby. Of course people would be saying “why waste your money when you can ‘shush’ yourself”. Trust me, the same thought entered my mind! When you’re a parent running on empty and you have tried everything, there is a product to help!


    What it’s about…

    The Baby Shusher quickly soothes any unsettled baby using an ancient but doctor-tested technique to help sooth your fussy baby. With loud, rhythmic shushing noises, the Baby Shusher breaks a baby’s crying spell by engaging his or her natural calming reflex. The rhythmic shush reminds the baby of being inside the womb.

    When you are a sleep deprived parent…you would give anything for a little more sleep. When the baby cries, everyone’s awake, everyone is running on empty. The reviews of this product speak for itself! There are always going to be sceptics about products (many who wish, why didn’t I bottle that magic potion!), but unless you have been in a situation with a screaming baby, waking up constantly and your tank is on empty, can you appreciate the need for a product like this!

    Of course it doesn’t replace cuddles but it does trigger a baby’s calming reflex. The Baby Shusher soothes your baby into sleep and helps them develop their ability to self-settle.

    Another great feature (besides the fact that it works) is that you can take it anywhere! It’s portable so you can use it when out and about, travelling, anywhere! So if your child likes to scream during car trips fighting the urge to sleep, this is perfect!


    ~ Amy ~


    Eat Teeth Sleep is Born!

    Becoming a parent is an exciting and nerve racking time! So much focus is placed on the birth then when the baby actually arrives 'the instruction manual' is not included! HELP!!!!

    Each day is a new and exciting adventure…but let’s be honest, it can be a struggle and sometimes we need that one thing that will make parenting that little bit easier!

    Between lack of sleep and juggling being a new parent the last thing I wanted to do is spend time searching endlessly on the internet trying to find a product that would actually HELP!! Whether it's your first child or your third, the first few months of caring for a baby can be challenging and filled with uncertainty. Sometimes I think will that feeling ever go away?

    Just as you think I've got this parenting gig down pat, a new obstacle presents itself! They're ready for solids! They're teething! When will they sleep through the night? Of course if I had all the answers, I'd be writing that all important instruction manual! But no matter if it is your first or third child, what worked before may not necessarily work again!

    I am not writing this blog to promote products just for the sake of promoting a product. These are products that actually work! Each product has been tested by actual parents....many of whom wish 'why didn't I find this product with my first child!'. Products that have a purpose (out of the trillions that are on the market!!!).

    As parents we need to stick together! Parenting is not an easy job, we all face different challenges....when will my baby sleep through the night? My child wants to feed themselves! My child is can I help relieve some of the discomfort? As I said before, we don't have all the answers (remember if you have that instruction manual....send it my way!!!) but we aim to make parenting that bit easier by providing products that actually work!

    ~ Amy ~