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        Comotomo Baby Bottles

        Why Comotomo?

        Australia’s parents and babies love the clever design of Comotomo non-toxic soft silicone baby bottles. The squeezy bottles with wide necks and naturally-shaped teats mimic the breast for an easy transition between breast and bottle.

        Anti Colic Vents

        Comotomo Bottles are anti-colic. They have designed;two anti-colic vents that are smartly placed on opposite sides of the bottle teat to ;perfectly ventilate the bottle whilst baby is drinking. This ensures your baby drinks the milk and not air. Plus this good airflow helps to prevent vacuum buildup which can cause earaches and also fussiness that occurs with irregular milk flow - bonus!


        Designed to Latch

        Standard bottles simply don’t allow your little one to naturally “latch” as they do during breastfeeding. Comotomo Bottles are designed with a wide mound and a naturally shaped nipple to help your little one make a seamless switch from breast to bottle. No nipple confusion here!


        Easy to Clean

        Cleaning narrow neck bottles is difficult and painful, not to mention have to clean and disinfect baby bottle brushes. Comotomo has the solution with a super wide neck opening so they are easily cleaned by hand. Plus, the bottles are very heat-resistant and safe in: Dishwashers (top-rack), Boiling water, Sterilizers, and Microwaves.

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