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Nana G's

Nana G's Fruit Stick and Teething Rusk Holder

How many teething rusks do you pick up from the floor, covered in dirt and hair and god knows what!

Now there is a better solution with no more rusks on the floor or messy fingers.

Nana Gs Rusk and Fruit Stick holder saves money, waste, mess and stress.

Simply clip to your baby's shirt or top and place teething rusk or fruit stick in the flexible silicone holder and off you go. The handy holder clips to your baby's shirt so that the ruck or fruit stick doesn't hit the ground!

BPA Free

2019 Product of the Year Award – Baby and Maternity Magazine



Customer Reviews

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Victoria B.
Teething Rusk Holder

Excellent Customer service - fast shipping. I will definitely order from here again and will recommend it to friends.

Great product!

Love this product. Stops rusks and fruit sticks from being tossed out of the pram. So

Quality product

Holds rusk well and clips onto bib well.

Donna J.
Nana G’s teething rusk holder

Love it!! Has saved so many rusks from landing on the floor although little miss is now far more interested in playing with the fun and colourful holder than eating the rusk LOL

Anne S.
Teething rusk holder

Saves on rusks continually being dropped and wasted .

Great product

This is a product I wish I knew about with my other two kiddies. Can’t wait until bubs is 6 months old so I can start using it. 😊 Thank You

Rosemary I.
Rusk holder

This is the best gadget invented. It's like a dummy holder but for a baby rusk. I used to have my daughter drop it on the floor all the time and went through several rusks in 1 day, now that i have this holder it makes life so much easier and it just hangs instead of falling. I'd definitely recommend you buy one and the colours are great too.

Ka K.C.

Nana G's Fruit Stick and Teething Rusk Holder


We love our fruit and rusk holder. So handy and stops my little one from constantly dropping her rusk and getting it dirty. So easy for little hands to handle which is a bonus.

Elly B.
Great Product. No rusk goes wasted!

I used to hate buying teething rusk! Since they are consumables, as soon as it falls on the ground- usually within seconds, I'd have to throw it in the bin. It isn't like a teething toy where you can simply wipe off with anti-bac wipes or the sleeves of your jumper. So it was so wasteful UNTIL I purchased this product. The rubber holder is easy for baby to hold & the string ensures the rusk doesn't just fall on the dirty floor/carpet. Definitely very handy!