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Subo Food Bottle

The Subo food bottle allows babies, toddlers and children to feed themselves independently. It is great for use on the go and works best with healthy homemade purèes, smoothies, yogurts and mashed foods.


The reusable food bottle helps families to save money and to be more environmentally friendly by eliminating the need to buy and dispose of expensive single use squeezable packaged foods. Because the food bottle is non-squeezable it reduces the chance of children creating a wasteful mess.


Children as young as 6 months can easily sip the food from the soft silicone spout and watch as the platform automatically moves up the bottle. The viewing windows allows parents and children to see where the platform is telling them how much food it left inside. The Subo holds up to 210ml of food.


Subo holds safety in the highest regard when designing and manufacturing products. The materials used to manufacture the food bottle are PP, HDPE, TPE and silicone; all are BPA and Phthalate free. The Subo Food Bottle is proudly owned and made in Australia.


Cleaning and Care Instructions

  • Take apart Subo you should have 7 separate parts, put them in warm soapy water and wash with a cloth or bottle brush.

  • Wash the product thoroughly in warm soapy water before using for the first time and after every use.

  • Please dry each component thoroughly after washing.

  • We suggest using a bottle brush for hand washing.

  • Do not clean in dishwasher, boiling water or microwave.

  • Before each use, Inspect all parts.

  • Replace parts at first sign of damage or weakness.

  • Make sure all parts are secure and in place before feeding.

  • Do not store near a source of heat or in direct sunlight as this may damage the product.

  • Do not microwave or freeze this product.



Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Great bottle but even better service!

The bottle is great but after a small mixup with my order I couldn’t rate the customer service received from Eat Teeth Sleep any more highly. I would recommend purchasing from these guys and no doubt will be back again!

Great customer service

Very happy with my order. And excellent customer service to go with it :)

Changed my morning routine!

Only since buying the subs bottle do my kids eat their porridge every single morning without fail. They live live live their subo bottle! A bigger option would be even better if one day possible.

Subo bottle

Best purchase! We use it everyday Atleast once - makes life a little less messy 😊

Fantastic Food Bottles

Really great for smoothies that hide lots of vegies for littlies. Great as no spills.

Win for outside time with Subo bottle

I use everyday when we go out! My little man enjoys using it and knows yummy things go into Subo bottle!
I do a lot of oat based thick smoothie with it!


Love it, easy to clean,
Can keep it in the fridge for later, and take it out with us

Baby loves it

Its of good quality and my daughter loves it! Highly recommended!

The best invention

💯 this is the best baby purchase I have made and I am buying these for every new mumma in my life.
My baby has superfoods, soups, yoghurts with probiotics, mashed vegetables, green smoothies and has it all herself.
This device means no mess! It’s perfect for on the go or just at home and keeps her occupied plus it’s wonderful for my little miss independent who already wants to feed herself.


Very happy with the product, my boy loves having his yoghurt from the subo food bottle and I recommend it to every mommy out there :D