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    Children are not born with that all important instruction manual (sometimes we wish we had one!). Each day is a new and exciting adventure…but let’s be honest, it can be a struggle and sometimes we need that one thing that will make parenting that little bit easier!

    Like a lot of new parents, we were overjoyed with the birth of our son and overwhelmed with so many products that are available. Becoming parents introduced us to a whole new world of nappies, swaddles, teethers, starting solids and much more! Very overwhelming when you first start researching what you will need for the hospital bag let alone when you bring the baby home! Between lack of sleep and enjoying the demands of parenting we didn’t want to spend our time searching endlessly on the internet trying to find a product that would actually HELP!!

    As a result Eat Teeth Sleep was born! We are a small family run business, so small in fact, consisting of a mum and dad team (Amy & Matthew), with our 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter, really calling the shots!

    When you contact our store you will speak directly to us (most of the time it's Matthew answering the phone...as somehow I manage to be the lucky one who is changing a dirty nappy!).  We always aim to respond to any queries as soon as possible and strive to provide the customer service that we, ourselves would like to receive.

    We source innovative and practical products from around the world that are tried and tested by actual parents! A lot of our products you would have thought ‘that would be a good idea’ but probably never realised it existed. We only stock products that parents will love and actually need to help make parenting easier.


    Amy & Matthew

    The Eat Teeth Sleep Team