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What is it made from and how does it work?

The heating pad contains a solution of water, a food grade sodium acetate (a form of salt) and a stainless steel disc. When you gently flex the disc (just enough to hear a click sound), this starts a chain reaction where the solution begins to crystallize and generate heat lasting up to an hour. Once the pad cools, simply immerse in boiling water for 5-10 minutes or until the solution becomes completely clear.


How warm will it get?

The pad is designed to heat liquids to breast milk temperature, making it easier for young tummies to digest. The pad uses slow, even heating which retains nutrients better and never overheats.


How long will it heat?

The pad can generate heat for up to an hour but may keep liquids warm for much longer (up to 2 hours) if placed inside the insulated carrier. 


How long does it take to heat?

It depends on the amount of liquid in the bottle, starting temperature and insulation. Once activated, the pad will begin producing heat immediately and should heat milk to slightly warmer than breast milk temperature in 10-20 minutes.


Can I use the warming pad as a cold pack?

Yes, the bottle warmer can be placed in the fridge (not the freezer) for up to an hour and will remain cold for an extended period if placed in the insulated carrier.


How many times can the warming pads be used?

There is no limit as to the number of times a warming pad can be used. There are ‘instant heat’ pads which use a similar technology still in use after eighteen years. The warming pad will not operate if the plastic pouch gets a small hole or is punctured.


Why do I have to boil the warming pad?

When you boil the warming pad you are simply melting it back to the liquid state. While you can submerge the warming pad in very hot water (i.e, directly from a kettle), this may not be hot enough to melt every crystal. If you do not melt every crystal, the liquid will re-solidify as it cools.


How long does the warming pad need to boil?

When you want to re-use the pack, place it in a pot of actively boiling water for 5-10 minutes until all of the crystals are melted


My pad starts to crystallize after I’ve boiled it, why is this happening?

If your warming pad automatically begins to crystallize after you have boiled it (as it is cooling), not every crystal was melted. Try placing the pad again into boiling water for a few minutes longer. If the problem continues, please contact us via email at


Why won’t my bottle warmer activate?

The bottle warmer must be completely cool and in its liquid state to heat properly. If you try and activate a warm bottle warmer, it will not crystallize and turn white. Instead, the bottle warmer liquid will become cloudy and remain mostly liquid. Your bottle warmer must be below 54 degrees C. Alternatively, the warming pad may not operate if there is a hole in the plastic.