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Comotomo Baby Bottle 150ml - Soft Hygienic Silicone Feeding Bottle

The Comotomo is not just another baby bottle!

Does your baby refuse to take a bottle? Do you want to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding? Or do you just want a fantastic bottle your baby will love?

Don't sacrifice on quality for the sake of a few extra dollars.

The Comotomo baby bottle is designed to replicate the breastfeeding experience like no other bottle. This bottle may look like any normal bottle but the way it feels is much different. The Comotomo has an extra wide teat so that babies can latch on to the bottle in the same way they latch to the breast, thus eliminating the confusion when combining bottle and breastfeeding.

The Comotomo 150ml bottle comes with a slow flow teat and is recommended from birth to 3 months.


The bottle is made from super soft medical grade silicone which replicates the softness of the breast unlike hard plastic bottles. The medical grade silicone is very hygienic and has naturally anti-microbial properties. It is also free of all the nasty toxins that ordinary plastic bottle can have.

The Comotomo teats don’t drip or leak which makes the baby work for their milk as they do when they are breastfeeding. Another great feature of the Comotomo is that you can squeeze the bottle at the beginning of a feed to mimic a letdown to let your baby know that it’s feed time and to start sucking!

The bottle also has two anti-colic vents which eliminate unnecessary air intake. You can throw out your bottle brush because the Comotomo has such a wide mouth you can fit your hand in it to clean. The bottles are extremely heat resistant and are safe in sterilisers, boiling water, dishwashers and microwaves. They also are great insulators keeping your feed warmer for longer. You will never break them if you drop them, as the whole bottle apart from the coloured collar is made from soft silicone.

The Comotomo has a great success rate getting fussy bottle feeders to take a bottle.

Additional Teats

Additional teats can be purchased separately and are available in the following sizes:

    Slow flow teat – suitable for 0-3 months

    Medium flow teat – suitable from 3-6 months

    Fast Flow teat – suitable for 6 months +

    Y-Cut teat for thicker liquid – suitable for 6 months +

    View the full Comotomo range here


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 74 reviews
    Very happy

    Bought this after extensive research about colic and nipple confusion in babies. Found the reviews helpful and now that I'm using the product i am glad i went with it.

    Fast delivery , bottle as description

    Delivery was fast and efficient. The bottle was the same as what it says.

    Sinead O.
    Fast delivery and product as ordered

    Very happy. Would order with this company again.

    Rebecca C.
    Great for mix feeding

    This was great to get my EBF baby onto bottles for top up feeds. She took to it within 24 hours of introducing the bottle to her, where she would not take to other brands. She is successfully still breast feeding and bottle feeding without any breast rejection.

    Mary A.M.
    Good product!

    Doesn’t leak when bub feed with it!

    These are the bomb!!!

    Woohoo!!! After my 4 month old son developing a bottle issue over the last month I was giving up hope of ever being able to leave him with family. But he used this bottle tonight for the first time and took to it instantly and enjoyed the feel of it in his little hands!!! Am so grateful to have found a solution!!!

    Great design and easy to use

    We started with the Medela Calma and it wasn’t a great success - I thought surely bottle feeding didn’t have to be so hard. Then we made the switch to the Comotomo bottle - which was great!

    No choking, no leakage, no vomiting! So easy to clean and great because it is only three parts.

    Would definitely recommend - 10/10

    Jacqueline M.
    Best bottles

    I have tested 4 different bottles transitioning my daughter from EBF to bottle and the como tomo bottles are the only bottles she would take. I have also had no issues switching between bottle and breast - no nipple confusion.

    The silicone teat is really soft and the silicone bottle allows you to lightly squeeze it to slightly increase milk flow if you need to while baby is feeding. Also very easy to clean with the wide mouth and only 3 parts.

    The only con I can think of is that if the bottle is not assembled correctly, it will leak. Also the coloured ring (we have pink) fades very quickly after multiple our rings have almost lost its colour completely, it’s almost white.

    Melinda R.
    Absolutely love it!!

    These bottles are a must have if you're breastfeeding but need to give your little one a bottle from time to time. I was about to give up all together on finding a bottle that my boy would accept without drowning in expressed milk but the slow flow of these teats are just amazing!! Also the shape and fact that they are made from silicone mean that bubs transitions back to boob without any confusion. Couldn't recommend enough :)

    Leah G.

    These bottles have helped me 5 months I’ve been trying my breastfed bubba to take a bottle and I’ve troed minbie bottles and he didn’t take but these bottle he took straight away and since then this mumma has been able to pump and let daddy give bubba some feeds. Love them