Constructive Eating Garden Fairy Utensil Set

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Don’t want playtime in the garden to end? Food blossoms to life with the help of our garden fairy line. The Garden Fairy Utensils are great for helping children develop fine motor skills and independence. 

Each utensil is uniquely designed to model a specific gardening tool! Your little one can rake their way through piles of spaghetti, shovel tons of heavy cereal, or hoe through messy rice. They’ll feel like a real gardener, but they’ll be eating in the process!

Perched on each handle is a garden fairy. The garden fairies live in plants found in the garden. These plants are wrapped around the handles with a softer plastic material. 

 **Please note the Garden Fairy plate is sold separately. 

Utensil Set Contains:

  • 1 x Garden Rake Fork
  • 1 x Garden Shovel Spoon
  • 1 x Garden Hoe Pusher


  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.

  • Product has been independently tested and does not contain Lead, Bisplenol A (BPA), PVC, and Phthalates.

  • Made in the USA.