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Dex the Dog Soft Toy Comforter with Heartbeat Sounds

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Dex the Dog is a soft musical comfort toy that soothes and calms babies with its range of sounds and melodies. No more searching for the ON switch, simply shake to activate the sounds. There are six soothing sounds to choose from including womb with heartbeat, waterfall and four gentle melodies.

Featuring a voice activated sound sensor, Dex will switch on the sound if your baby starts crying. Dex is super soft and fully washable making it the perfect companion to comfort and soothe your little one.

Features of Dex the Dog

  • Plays 6 different sounds – womb sound with heartbeat, waterfall sound and 4 soothing melodies.
  • Activate by shaking – No need to find the ON switch, just shake and Dex will start playing the last chosen song.
  • Activates upon crying – the voice activated sound sensor will switch on the sound if your baby starts crying.
  • Timer with auto shut-off – After 10 minutes the sound will automatically fade and switch off.
  • Adjustable volume – set the volume to your preferred level.
  • Fully washable! – Simply remove the sound module inside Dex and he can easily be washed.
  • Operated by 2 x AA batteries (not included).

Three animals available:  Liz the Lamb - Don the Donkey - Dex the Dog

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Chris B.
    Great idea!

    The womb sounds are a fantastic comfort to bubs - also the plush toy is beautifully soft and of high quality.

    fiona k.
    Dex the Dog Soft Toy Comforter with Heartbeat Sounds

    I purchased Dex the Dog for our new little grandson recently and I'm really happy to say that it has been such a great gift idea ! Our daughter and her husband have found that the removable sound box (size fits in an adult hand) is perfect for placing in the crib to soothe the baby off to sleep as well as being a convenient size for popping in a bag to take out and about or for soothing whilst waiting at the doctor's for example. When the little one is a bit bigger the soundbox can be placed back inside Dex the Dog and can continue to be a special and comforting friend . It's been very much appreciated and so I can highly recommend it as a lovely gift.

    Tina P.
    Dex the dog

    It's great

    Rebecca B.

    It's great

    Love it

    Dex is going into my goodies basket for my sons pending child. So can’t review but I love it.

    Tyne B.

    Loved the products I purchased my little boy loves them as well. The teethers have been a god send while he has been cross cutting

    Laura E.
    Really like Dex

    I really like Dex but unfortunately I have had a few issues with the sound box which makes me sad cause I love the idea of Dex.