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Don the Donkey Soft Toy Comforter with Heartbeat Sounds

Donkey sleep toy

Great product

Sleep Favourite

Sound sleep extraordinaire with the added bonus of being the softest plush toy. Baby's best sleep time friend.

Don the Donkey

Beautiful cuddly toy

Don the donkey

Zazu have changed the sensitivity of the voice activation to this soft toy and the voice activation will only work if I talk loudly into the control panel when it’s not inside the donkey or if the dogs bark, I am yet to hear it turn on when my baby is crying, even at full pelt when the control panel is inside the donkey. My friends don the donkey which is 2 years old is a lot more sensitive which is why I wanted to purchase Don but unfortunately zazu have changed it for the worse not the better. I know it’s not faulty as I purchased Dex the dog too which is exactly the same so it must be the updated control panel that they are using in the new version of these toys. I will definitely purchase from Eat Teeth Sleep again as I think they are brilliant and I love all the other items I purchased, Thankyou

Don the donkey

I'd love to give this a higher rating as it has helped my son sleep longer, however there is definitely an issue that needs fixing-
I recently bought the don the donkey for my 4 month old son who has been a very unsettled baby. He has reflux and doesn't settle at all on his back and hates lying down at all. I wanted to try the donkey for its heart beat as a comforter for him when he does go down in hope he would sleep longer when he does get to sleep.
He absolutely loved him from day one and it definitely has helped him settle. Now when he's crying if I give him the donkey he rubs his face into it and pats his fur. Pop it under his arm when he's ready to sleep and it helps him drop off. I love little don and so does my son so I would definitely recommend him.
There is one negative unfortunately, the sound device in his belly doesn't stay in very well at all! This really needs to be resolved as it falls out quite often and can hit him in the face. I am forever poking it back in out of habit now. My mother is actually going to have to re sew it in a better way. Please read this review and fix this issue as he has been a huge help and can help other little ones but the sound device coming out is a big issue.