Ewan the Dream Sheep

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Feel like those sleepless nights will never end? Meet Ewan the Dream Sheep. Proven to have a calming effect on an unsettled baby! Calm baby = more sleep for you! Ewan the Dream Sheep plays real recordings of womb and heartbeat sounds that the baby is used to in the womb. It has a calming pink glow, when combined with the womb and heartbeat sounds, helps babies and toddlers drift into a peaceful sleep. Ewan the dream sheep is a sleep aid that actually helps.

Pediatric research has proven that womb and heartbeat sounds are extremely effective at helping reduce colic induced pain, as they remind your baby of the natural soothing environment of the womb. This ‘womb experience’ helps trigger a calming reflex, so reducing crying time and inducing quality sleep.

Ewan’s four different calming pink sounds play for 20 minutes and are all are combined with 'resting heartbeat' in the background, to provide extra reassurance. 

Although Ewan is designed to be used from birth he also has success as a sleep companion with older babies and toddlers.


  • Plays 4 Different Soothing Sounds - includes heartbeat and womb, heartbeat and vacuum cleaner, heartbeat and harp music and also heartbeat and rain.

  • Sounds Play for 20 Minutes - all of the sounds are recorded at the low base frequency the baby can predominantly hear when in the womb.

  • Soft Pink Comforting Glow - Used to recreate the soft pink glow from the womb and also doubles as a nightlight for older babies and toddlers. Can be turned on or if if needed.

  • Velcro Tail - You can attach Ewan to the cot, buggy or carseat with his fluffy Velcro tail. SIDS recommends babies 7 months or younger sleep with no soft toys in their sleep space.

  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included) 


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