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Hey Doodle Reusable Colour-in Silicone Placemats

Writing the alphabet and numbers just got cooler with this HeyDoodle Reusable Drawing Mat featuring fun drawings of some of your kids favourite themes.  Your kids will have so much fun making it their own they won’t even realise there’s lots of learning to be had as well.

Because the mat is made of silicone, they are washable, wipeable and best of all reusable. Once your child has finished, simply wash and dry the mat, ready for next time.

And then do it all again by simply washing off the colour. 

Lightweight and Flexible
These silicone mats are so easy to fold and unfold, making them a breeze to pack up and take wherever you go.

Washable, wipeable, REUSABLE
The beauty of this material is its ability to be cleaned and refreshed simply by using a damp cloth or by washing with soap and water. 

HeyDoodle Marker set
Each kit comes with a set of 9 non-toxic markers to perfectly compliment the mats. We strongly recommend HeyDoodle markers to ensure the longevity of the mats.

Food grade silicone
The Hey Doodle silicone placemat is free from harmful chemicals or substances, FDA approved, non-toxic and guaranteed safe for our little ones.

Convenient carry pouch
Store your mats and markers in the carry pouch which will take up very little room in your going out bag. Handy for an activity on the go!

Colour, trace and seek
Each mat features an element of colour, trace and seek to make it both fun and educational

Each set contains:

1 x Themed silicone placemat

9 x Coloured washable markers


Customer Reviews

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Phoebe W.
Very happy with hey doodle reusable mat

Very happy with hey doodle reusable mat

Great little activity!

Handy to have in the handbag for those coffee dates. My son loves drawing all over it and pointing out the animals.

Samantha S.
Hey doodle mat is excellent

The hey doodle mats are excellent, comes with the markers. Handy pouch is the perfect size to keep in the nappy bag for when we are eating out and don’t want to use the iPad all the time.

Asami F.
It's good idea

I loved the way reusable silicone mat but some colours didn't come off.(very easy to come off from hand though)
That's why 4 stars. My 18 months old daughter loving so much.