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Little Mashies Reusable Baby Food Pouches - 10 Pack

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Little Mashies Reusable Food Pouches are one of Australia’s leading brands of food pouches. Use to store your healthy homemade baby food or as lunch box treats filled with yoghurt, smoothies, custards or mousse for toddlers and children of all ages.  

They are made from the highest quality BPA free materials, and feature a wide 11cm opening to make cleaning and filling easy. They also feature a strong, double zip-lock design to prevent spills and are freezer and dishwasher safe.

The Story Behind Little Mashies Reusable Pouches

Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2010, Talisha Kendell was faced with a number of struggles in controlling and managing her disease. Living off a strict diet to manage the Chron’s disease, Talisha found eating out difficult and started trying baby food pouches as a convenient alternative when she couldn’t cook her own food. Intrigued by the nutritional value in commercial food pouches, Talisha set out researching the contents of what went into the pouches. Even organic and seemingly healthy baby food pouches were always filled with mostly sugary fruit, or sweet vegetables like pumpkin and sweet potato. Rarely was the meat content above 10%. Every single yogurt pouch (even the organic ones) had added sugar, and there was absolutely no guarantee that the food in the pouches was even fresh. She also found they have to use high temperatures to preserve the contents and that process decreases the nutritional value too!

Astonished by what she found, she immediately stopped using commercial food pouches. This discovery along with having the debilitating Chron’s disease was a driving force behind Little Mashies. Talisha set out making purees, soups and broths that would provide a natural cure for her illness. She was freezing the food in zip lock bags, on a mission to make her life easier whilst improving her good bacteria and gut health. Through her own journey and journey through motherhood, Talisha had a light bulb moment. Wouldn’t it be good if all parents could make their own healthy food and put it in an easy to use, transportable container.  

Morphing her idea of storing homemade foods, with quality ingredients in zip lock bags with the functional aspect of a supermarket food pouch…Little Mashies was born!

Key Features of the Little Mashies Reusable Pouches

  • Super strong design for use over and over again - You can feel the high quality of the pouches.
  • Easy shape to clean - being curved means there are no corners or gussets for food to get stuck in.
  • Slightly see through background plus parents can see all the way through the pouch via the 11cm wide bottom ziplock.
  • Cute, cuddly design which makes meal time fun.
  • Wide double ziplock along the bottom of the pouch for easy filling, 11cm and with anti-leak technology.
  • Soft mouldable plastic that is BPA Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free & Lead Free.
  • Large cap to reduce the risk of choking (plus all store bought pouch caps and pouch spoons fit Little Mashies).
  • Wide bottom opening to make drying the pouch a breeze.
  • Capacity: 140mls (best filled to 110mls).
  • Not recommended for microwave use.
  • Dishwasher safe and Freezable.

How do I clean the pouches?

They are really easy to clean due to their wide opening. They can either be washed in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher. Just stick a whisk or set of tongs into the pouch to keep it apart so the pouch dries properly.

How do I fill the Little Mashies Reusable Pouches?

Filling is simple due to the extra wide opening. You can easily pour your thinner contents in from a container like smoothies, or for thicker creations like yoghurt or your healthy homemade baby food simply spoon the contents in.

What can I fill the pouches with?

They are great for yoghurt, smoothies, homemade baby food, custards, mousse or any possible creation that you can come up with. The Little Mashies Reusable Pouches also come with a free downloadable recipe book full of great ideas.

How many times can they be used?

On average you will get around 100 uses out of each reusable food pouch.

Can they go in the microwave?

The Little Mashies reusable pouches aren’t recommended for microwave use. If you want to heat your food up simply place the pouch in warm/hot water. This helps with even heating and avoids hot spots, which can burn your child’s mouth.

How much food do they hold?

They can hold up to 140ml but are best filled to 110ml.

What are the dimensions of the pouch?

The Mashies pouches are 11cm wide and 19cm tall to the top of the spout.

Did you want to make your Little Mashies reusable pouches spill-proof?

The Choomee Sip’n Soft Tops are a great addition to any food pouch. They are made from food grade silicone and are great for babies who haven’t quite got the ability to control the flow of the pouch on their own.

Simply pop them over the spout to create a spill-proof pouch that they can safely chew on without damaging their gums. The Choomee Sip’n Soft Tops are available in a handy twin pack in two colour styles.

Customer Reviews

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Sofia C.

Little Mashies Reusable Food Pouches - 10 Pack

Nikki M.

Very cute and environmentally friendly ❤️

Lindsay M.
Handy and cute

These pouches are very handy for when you are out and about, for childcare and when visiting others.

Excellent pouches

My toddler loves these pouches for his yoghurt. We haven’t had any explosions as the base seals really well. Easy to clean and refill too.

Lisa G.

Little Mashies Reusable Food Pouches - 10 Pack


They are great to have from babies who are starting food through to kids, I love them!

They are great

Bought the pouches for a friend. She says they are great and will buy more of them

Kaitlin M.
So cute & convenient

Love the Little Mashies Pouches!
Very cute, makes snack & meal time on the go very easy. Would definitely purchase again.

Emma O.
Just wonderful

Great quality products, fast shipping & just all round great service.


Great product, reasonably priced, great service